Ohana ~Available

A darling little girl, gorgeous blue eyes, wooly coat, exudes a playful, confident, & curious personality, 9-12# expected .

Langley ~Adopted

Such a little doll, plush coat, blue eyes, independent, playful, & confident,  & loves to cuddle estimated 8-12#. 

Farrah ~ Adopted

This gorgeous girl  w/  a cocoa plush coat, blue eyes, is smart with a very outgoing personality.

Presley~ Adopted

What a wonderful disposition this gorgeous girl has. She’s already learned to play fetch, so smart and very calm. ❤️ 

Hudson ~ Adopted

The wooliest of the pack and our only boy. He‘s a blue eyed, standard, sweet, goofy, & smart pup. Loving to sit for a treat! 

Leilani aka Baby Spice ~ Available

This tiny girl is amazing . She loves to play with babies, kids, dogs, fetch. Gorgeous blue eyes, plush coat, big personality